Life Services Supplements, which owns the low-carb Keto trademark, has filed a number of lawsuits and petitions to protect its brand.

Life Services Supplements said that since 1998 it has developed, manufactured, marketed and extensively advertised an expanding line of over 120 low-carbohydrate Keto branded foods and snacks, which are sold through health food stores and supermarkets.

The company said that the success of its brand has led to a number of companies attempting to "ride the trademark coattails" of the Keto brand.

Alleging unfair competition, false designation of origin and false description, Life Services said it has filed suit against Natural Organics, a nutritional foods company based in New York State.  Life Services is alleging that Natural Organics' trademark, "Ketoslim," is confusingly similar to Life Services' "KETO" mark.

Life Services said it has also filed suit against Ketogenics, a US nutritional supplement company.
Life Services is also currently petitioning the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board  to cancel the trademark "Ketopro," which has been registered by Swiss-based Numico Financial Services, a unit of Dutch food and nutrition group Numico.  Life Services alleges that Numico's use of the Ketopro mark could result in a confusion, mistake or deception in the marketplace for nutritional foods.