Nutraceutical company LifeSmart Nutrition Technologies today [Friday] announced that it has filed a patent to protect its intellectual property in regards to their Noni soft chews.

Thorpe, North and Western a leading patent firm, filed the patent on behalf of LifeSmart Nutrition.

Noni is an herb that has gained a lot of popularity due to the antioxidant and other benefits it provides users. Noni sales currently exceed US$600m annually and LifeSmart's management believes its Noni product is positioned to take a significant portion of the current market share of Noni.

Company officials further believe that the Noni soft chew format offers greater convenience compared to the liquid formats of Noni offered by LifeSmart's competition.

The LifeSmart patent is to protect the unique soft chew delivery system, which uses micronized Noni and a special blend of sugars to enhance absorption. It also will protect the combination of any other herb, vitamin or mineral combination with Noni. It also will protect the unique manufacturing procedure controlling heat temperatures which activate the polysaccharides without effecting the other benefits of Noni.