Fresca is a supplier of fresh fruit and veg

Fresca is a supplier of fresh fruit and veg

Fresh fruit and veg supplier Fresca Group has appointed a new chief executive as Chris Mack steps down after 25 years in the role.

Mack had been CEO and chairman of the company for 25 years. He is succeeded by Ian Craig who will take over the role of CEO from 1 July. Mack will continue at the firm as full-time chairman.

Craig has been with Fresca Group since 2004 when he joined as managing director of DGM Growers. He then moved to Fresca Group's glasshouse business Thanet Earth Marketing in 2010.

"In his new role Ian will be responsible for all day to day management of our businesses whilst I will continue to be very involved with key customers, growers, our joint venture partners and the strategic development of the business," Mack said in a company statement.

"This is an important development for Fresca Group and I look forward to working with Ian to ensure the continuing successful development of our business," he added.