Pixie Lott will front the campaign with Gordon Ramsay

Pixie Lott will front the campaign with Gordon Ramsay

A campaign, financed with aid from the EU, has launched across the UK in a bid to promote the consumption of milk.

The GBP7.5m (US$) ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign is designed to “re-ignite the British milk industry”, to increase sales and to position low-fat milk as the “drink of choice” for young people and their families, industry body Dairy UK said.

The campaign will be fronted by chef Gordon Ramsay and pop star Pixie Lott, to promote the benefits of low-fat milk to teenagers and mums across the country.

Both celebs will sport milk moustaches on the adverts above the slogan ‘Make Mine Milk’, that will appear across poster sites and buses around the country.

The campaign follows on from a ‘White Stuff’ campaign in Scotland, which resulted in a 3.4% increase in milk sales.

The UK campaign aims to re-introduce teens to “the white stuff”, showing them that it is “low in fat and high in cool”, Dairy UK said.

The financial boost is being spearheaded by the members of Dairy UK’s Milk Marketing Forum, a consortium of leading UK dairy companies and milk co-operatives, including Dairy Crest, First Milk and Milk. A third of the funding comes from the European Union.  

Sandy Wilkie, chairman of the Milk Marketing Forum, said: “Since the mid-nineties milk sales have plateaued in Great Britain, during which time the perception of milk amongst the public has become outdated. This campaign will spark a shake-up of attitudes to milk, putting it firmly back on the map and in the fridge of consumers across Great Britain.”

To support the adverts, a website, www.makeminemilk.co.uk has been created where anyone interested in the campaign can find out more.

‘Make Mine Milk’ is also being launched on Facebook to tap into large quantities of young people.