It comes around but once a year. A magical time when ice cream lovers everywhere rise up, blaze a trail to their local grocer's freezer case and buy that extra half-gallon to honor their favorite holiday, National Ice Cream Month. In recognition of this beloved event, Blue Bunny unveils its latest creation-Blue Bunny Original Bunny Tracks.All the good things in Blue Bunny Original Bunny Tracks will keep your taste buds hopping in delight. To create this lusciously decadent concoction, Blue Bunny starts with creamy Original Vanilla Ice Cream, swirls it with sublimely rich chocolate fudge sauce and folds in a hutch of one-of-a-kind mini milk chocolate bunnies. But that's not all; each chocolate bunny holds a surprise treat ... smooth, creamy peanut butter!According to a recent consumer taste panel, Blue Bunny Original Bunny Tracks scored 8.1 on a 10-point scale. Further more, an impressive 78% of the panelists indicated they would buy Blue Bunny Original Bunny Tracks ice cream.Packaged in square half-gallon containers, Original Bunny Tracks is available wherever Blue Bunny ice cream is sold.Blue Bunny is a brand of Wells' Dairy Inc., which was founded in 1913 and is one of the few remaining family-owned and managed dairy processors in the United States. There are more than 500 Blue Bunny-branded products, including ice cream and frozen novelties. Blue Bunny products can be found across the United States and in 30 foreign countries.Contact: Dave Smetter of Wells' Dairy, Inc., 712-546-4000 ext. 2407; or Tom Mentzer or John Novaria of Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Inc., 816-842-1500.