Talking about e-business for the retail industry is one thing - getting it right in a fast-moving, constantly changing world is quite another.

This memorable two-day event will bring together a dynamic cross-section of business leaders from across the spectrum of retailing, textiles and consumer package goods industries in Europe and the United States to discuss the future of e-retailing. It offers a unique opportunity for delegates to network and learn from others' retailing experiences on the worldwide web.

The conference aims to be positive and practical with details of company strategies and case studies. Sessions focus on important fundamental issues such as how to best develop e-procurement - a web-based supply chain; how to sort out e-logistics that save time and cut costs; and the impact of the web on business to business strategies. Regular panel discussions open up the debate to delegates from the floor.

Attracting keynote speakers (see below) and specialists in e-business, conference topics assess the changing environment facing retailers today and the e-business proposition of the 'collaborative supply chain' that has benefits for all stakeholders - suppliers as well as retailers.

For smaller and medium sized retailers, there is a comparative look at the boom in e-sourcing, how it is taking the web by storm and how it affects the bottom line; followed by a session on how e-business can help retailers increase their market share and return on investment.

The second day focuses on the nitty-gritty of improving the supply chain with invaluable sessions on dealing with suppliers and customers online; making e-procurement work and the challenges of catalogue management.

As the e-commerce strategy of the WorldWide Retail Exchange is explained, the benefits to consumers, manufacturers and retailers are highlighted. Finally, there is advice on building a comprehensive e-logistics strategy to meet the new challenges of e-retailing.

This is a crucial time in the retailing industry's expansion onto the web and there are still some places available for the conference. Delegates already signed up include top level senior executives, business development and strategic planning directors; heads of e-business and e-commerce as well as sales and marketing directors and those involved in logistics, IT and R&D.

The conference is organised by TenLive and sponsored by Celarix.

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Speakers at the Paris conference include, among others: David Riddiford, Buying & Merchandising Director of Selfridges; Gerard van Breen, Senior Vice-President Global Sourcing, Royal Ahold; Jeffrey Powell, Director, Enterprise Technologies, WH Smith News; Adam Jacobs, CEO & Founder, Cataloga; Todd Dunning, President & Co-founder,; Hugo Ehrnreich, Senior Consultant, Datamonitor; Mark Moran, Director, Strategy & Alliances; Prem Puri, Supply Chain Executive, IBM.COM. Jeremy Hollows, Director of Information & Systems, Carrefour; Thorsten Breithor, Senior Consultant, KPMG Consulting.

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