Marine Harvest is continuing with its investigations into the Scottish salmon withdrawals as yet another supermarket is forced to recall its stock.

The Food Standards Agency has issued their third updated since last week, as Aldi is forced to recall a large number of salmon products, along with leading UK supermarket chains Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons.

The cause of the taint, which isn't believed to be a risk to health, is currently under investigation by suppliers Marine Harvest.

"We are carrying out an investigation at present which involves looking at the Well Boat that we use to move the live fish from the farm to harvest," said Steve Bracken, a spokesperson for Marine Harvest.

"At present, we have suspended it and replaced it with another boat. We are also looking at the whole process from farm and transport to harvest and dispatch. We will continue with this until we get some answers.

Bracken said it was too early to put a cost of the recall to Marine Harvest. "All our customers are extremely important to us and at the moment we are just beginning to determine quantities, so we are unable to determine the real costs of the recalls to the company," he said.