A warning has been announced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) following fears that unlabelled milk protein is present in several brands of chocolate bar, which could provoke a serious or life-threatening reaction in consumers who have an allergy.

The CFIA havs released details of the chocolate bars it believes to contain the milk protein, all of which were manufactured in Belgium and distributed throughout Quebec and Ontario. Consumers have been advised to avoid the Dolfin, Sprengel and Master Choice brands, and the specific products details are as follows:

Dolfin Dark Chocolate Bar with Orange Peel, 70g UPC 5 413415 234307
Dolfin Dark Chocolate Squares with Orange Peel, UPC 5 413415 137035
Dolfin Dark Chocolate Bar 88% Cocoa, 70 g UPC 5 413415288300
Dolfin Dark Chocolate Squares 88% Cocoa, 1.35Kg UPC 5 413415 190030
Sprengel Edel-Marzipan Chocolate Bar, 100g UPC 4 000240 147103
Master Choice Semi Sweet Chocolate Euro Bar UPC 0 5762731361 7
Master Choice Bitter Sweet Chocolate Euro Bar UPC 0 5762731362 4

The companies responsible for importing the bars, Euro-Excellence, S & F Food Importers, and The Great Atlantic & Pacific Co respectively have all embarked on voluntary recalls, which are being monitored by the CFIA for their effectiveness.