Canadian frozen products company McCain Foods has told the Tasmanian vegetable industry it will cut broccoli quotas by half, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The news follows earlier cuts in both the price and production of potatoes and peas.Ian Young from the Farmers and Graziers Association said growers are shocked.

"They claim it's loss of market share and I sort of indicated 'were they importing from China and South Africa' and they say 'not', there's just been a real downturn in their market and they've lost their share," he said. Meanwhile, the Tasmanian Government will spend A$4m (US$3.01m) on a new vegetable marketing campaign.

Primary industry minister Steve Kons says the promotion will urge consumers in Melbourne and Sydney to stay loyal to Tassie-grown produce.

"We intend to make sure product sales increase and consumers have a greater awareness of the Tasmanian brand," he said.

"At the same time, it's not only fruit and vegetables, if we're promoting fruit and veg across the board, certainly it translates into benefits for tourism and the whole sector."