Despite the impact of mad cow on consumer confidence, McDonald's Hungarian outlets have posted a 14% increase in sales to US$65.6m for 2000. The managing director of the fastfood giant's Hungarian subsidiary, Branislav Knezevic, explained yesterday that the increase could be attributed to a greater number of customers and higher average consumption per capita.  

McDonald's controls a 78% share of the domestic fastfood market in terms of revenue, and a 63% share in terms of the number of outlets. On average, each of the 75 outlets in Hungary increased turnover by 45% during 2000, and for the oncoming year the company aims to boost turnover by an extra 8%. It has also scheduled the opening of four more restaurants.

To date, the Q1 of 2001 has posted a positive start to the year. Knezevic revealed that net revenues increased by 10% on a life-for-like basis and the number of customers similarly increased by 9% to 12.5m. The company wants to increase sales by 9% for the full year, and break the HUF20bn mark.