Today, Thursday 10th August, ASDA is pleased to announce that it is stepping in to supply the six tonnes of meat needed for the Millennium Denby Dale pie. The meat, which will be 100% British and supplied by ASDA's organic supplier, Dawn Meats, will set the pie back on the road to success after its future was threatened earlier this month.Sue Bridges, secretary of the Denby Dale Pie association said: "We're delighted that our Millennium Pie is back on track with its filling found - ASDA's action really is top crust!"Rob Swyer, ASDA Meat Director, said: "The Denby Dale pie is part of our Yorkshire heritage - when we heard plans for the pie were crumbling, we wanted to be able to help. We're now looking forward to seeing the pie cooking on 2nd September and making the Millennium challenge come true."Editor's Notes:- On September 2nd, up to 65,000 people are expected to share the Denby Dale pie, which will weigh more than 12 tonnes. Measuring 40 feet in length, the meat and potato filling will take about 12 hours to cook and will be served by over 100 people.- The first Denby Dale pie was cooked in 1788 to celebrate the recovery of King George III from mental illness. From then, pies have been cooked at various stages in history to mark, among other things, the repeal of the Corn Laws, the Battle of Waterloo, Queen Victoria's jubilee and the Coronation.- The meat is all sourced from Yorkshire, keeping to the Denby Dale tradition.