Media Access Internet Solutions, Inc., a Bellevue-based Web design and development company, today announced the launch of the Elegant Gourmet Web site, at

Elegant Gourmet makes a wide selection of exquisitely packaged gourmet sweets, sold in fine retail establishments across the United States.

While the Elegant Gourmet Web site has been designed to introduce consumers to the company, the real focus of the site is on facilitating transactions with Elegant Gourmet's wholesale customers, such as Williams-Sonoma, Tully's Coffee, and Nordstrom. The site joins the growing number of Internet sites focused on business-to-business transactions.

"Study after study has shown that companies can quickly recoup their Internet investment by cutting the costs of mail, fax and phone-based transactions," said Richard D. Huff, CEO of Media Access. "By migrating their wholesale sales channel to the Web, Elegant Gourmet is making it easier than ever for their customers to do business with them."

"Our company places a high value on the quality of our customer relationships," said Louisa Davis, President of Elegant Gourmet. "Our customers are, first and foremost, people we know and work with. Our new Web site allows us to help our customers by saving them time, improving the accuracy of their orders, and ensuring that they always have the most current information when working with us. Streamlining the work of ordering will help us do what we do best -- make great candy, and keep our customers happy."

A future version of the site will expand Elegant Gourmet's consumer services. Preliminary plans call for, among other things, online ordering of individual products and a searchable retail location database.

"Business-to-business applications represent an important part of the Internet's future," said Huff. "Elegant Gourmet is helping lead the way in their industry by making online ordering an integral part of their business. We applaud their vision and commitment. It's been a delight to have assisted Elegant Gourmet with our experience, skills and talent on this project."

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