Multi-national fast moving consumer goods giant Unilever is benefiting
greatly from its recent decision to integrate its whole Trans Tasman
supply chain through the implementation of the worlds most
sophisticated Demand and Supply Chain planning solution MerciaLincs.

"The business benefits of our Trans Tasman implementation includes
stock reduction as well as improved service levels," said Mr Gavin
Thompson, Efficient Consumer Response Manager for Unilever Foods

"In fact the business benefits paid for the system in less than a
year," said Mr Thompson.

Strategically developing its supply chain management system over a
five-year period, Unilever Foods has progressed from spreadsheets to
Mercia PC and more recently MerciaLincs Client Server (MLCS). Used to
replenish New Zealand, MLCS replaced the need for New Zealand to place
orders on Australia and then have Australia forward the requested

"We now use statistical forecasts to drive our supply chain," said Mr

"MerciaLincs Client Server is used for 5,000 channel / SKUs, and
integrates with our ERP / transactional system. Through MerciaLincs
we access the stock directly in the New Zealand Distribution Centres
and replenish using the Distribution Requirements Planning
functionality. This means the whole Trans Tasman supply chain is
integrated," said Mr Thompson.

Unilever are currently implementing the Strategic Inventory Planning
module and Mr Thompson is very pleased that Unilever's decision to
purchase this module will pay for itself.

"Early indications are that, again, the business benefits will pay
back both the software investment and our peoples efforts in less than
a year."

"We have found that the MLCS is easy to use and intuitive, meaning
that we can train new people on the system to become effective within
two to three months," said Mr Thompson.

As the leading provider of Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions,
with over 450 installed sites globally, Mercia's solution dramatically
improves product flow for companies and their supply chain partners
from raw materials and manufacturing through to order fulfilment.

A hallmark of Mercia's success is its ability to deliver a solution at
the highest level of technical and functional excellence. The solution
is adaptable to change and delivers significant and rapid returns
including cost reductions while maximising revenue opportunities.

Mercia Software is supported by partnerships with GE ECXpress for
Business-to-Business and Business to Customer E-Commerce and
PricewaterhouseCoopers for implementation services.

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