Mexico is reportedly set to reveal a government plan to help the country's poultry industry cut costs and become a competitive international poultry exporter.

The Mexican Poultry Union's president, Cesar de Anda, said the Mexican poultry industry may also hold talks with its US counterpart aimed at finding a joint way to help both countries compete against Brazil, reported Reuters.

Although it is the world's fourth-largest chicken producer and the sixth-largest egg producer, Mexico is a relatively small player on the export market due to its failure to meet international sanitary standards and cut costs.

"We've been working (with the government) for five, six months to analyse where we have to invest to cut costs, a dollar here or a dollar there," De Anda told Reuters

"We are moving toward integration with the United States in search of a (joint) North American platform so that as North America we can compete on the international market," he added.