US pepper-to-olive firm Mezzetta Specialty Foods has launched a range of products inspired by foods found at the country's "hottest" restaurants.

The company today (21 April) unveiled three cheese-stuffed olives, pasta sauce and antipasti made from an assortment of vegetables.

The Cheese Stuffed Olive Collection comprises three stuffed cheese flavours: European Smoked Gouda Style, Vermont Sharp White Cheddar Style, and California Habanero Jack Style.

Mezzetta said its Italian Garden Vegetables antipasti features carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, onions and red bell peppers, all sourced locally, and marinated in a white balsamic vinegar.

The company's new Amatriciana Pasta Sauce is based on a traditional recipe, which features cured pork "pancetta", and sautéed red onions.

Mezzetta said it had made a fourth product - Castelvetrano olives - available for the first time in US supermarkets nationwide in glass jars.

"We are especially excited to introduce new products, which you can enjoy at home, that complement or even mirror dishes you’ll find at some of the country's hottest restaurants but have until now been rarely seen on grocery shelves, such as the new Amatriciana sauce, the Italian Garden Vegetables to accompany salumi or the Castelvetrano olives," said CEO Jeff Mezzetta.