MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCRS), a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality industry, has been selected to provide a data warehouse system for AmeriKing, the nation's largest independent Burger King franchisee. The system will be powered by MICROS's InSight technology, Information polled from AmeriKing's back-of-store systems is loaded into an Operational Data Store that allows for immediate exception reporting and alerts on the polled data. The Warehouse is built using Star Schema design to optimize the speed of reporting and analysis. "AmeriKing was seeking the best solution to more effectively manage the high volume of data generated by our restaurants, as well as a Decision Support System that could support our managers and grow along with our long-range plans," stated Hernando Manrique, Chief Information Officer, of AmeriKing. "In our extensive review, it was clear that MICROS had the right technology and tools that would allow us to handle data from multiple locations in just one data warehouse and for our managers in the field and headquarters to access information easily to support their business decisions and projections". "Data warehousing is a critical tool that helps businesses reap new benefits from the data they collect every day," said Fred Goebel, Vice President Sales and Strategies. "Not only can companies increase their revenues and profits based on a better understanding of their customers and sales activities, but they can also realize operations savings via improved management practices. Utilizing these enhanced decision making capabilities gives companies with data warehouses an increased competitive advantage."