MindMatrix, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company providing online IT solutions through their website, SolveIT.com, has added a series of wireless IT solutions designed specifically to better assist IT professionals in completing projects that meet the needs of the Food Service industry. Like all solutions provided by SolveIT.com, the Food Service solutions connect products and services in actual diagrams to visually portray the solution to an IT problem. Products and services from major manufacturers can be chosen online to best satisfy a project's requirements.

The initial offering of Food Service wireless IT solutions includes options for implementing private paging systems and wireless networks for order taking. Wireless paging systems can instantly alert customers when a table is ready or notify employees when an order is ready. Wireless networks enable employees to enter a customer's order into a handheld computing device. The wireless network instantly relays the inputted order to the chef or bartender and stores the order for management analysis. By accounting for the diverse needs and obstacles associated with implementing an IT project in the Food Service environment, SolveIT.com provides IT professionals with the tools to efficiently research and implement solutions for the Food Service industry.

Harbinder Khera, president and founder of MindMatrix, Inc., said that the Food Service section was added to SolveIT.com in order to better satisfy IT professionals' need for vertical-specific information.

"The Food Service vertical is simply another demonstration of (MindMatrix's) awareness that solutions must always be adapted to function optimally within a specific environment," said Khera. "SolveIT.com provides real-life solutions developed to operate within real-life environments."

Other SolveIT.com solutions include those specifically designed for various vertical industries including education, healthcare, public safety, retail, transportation & logistics, utilities, warehousing, small office/home office--with manufacturing and other verticals coming soon.

About MindMatrix

MindMatrix, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is the developer of SolveIT.com, a Web page dedicated to helping IT professionals choose solution options to meet their specific business needs. The MindMatrix platform encourages users to share thoughts and exchange ideas and is expected to form a worldwide online knowledge base as it expands into other industries, essentially forming a matrix of minds.