The Ministry of Agriculture is taking action to control the current outbreak of classical swine fever (CSF) by identifying, restricting and investigating all pig farms linked to the breeding unit in Norfolk which is currently at the centre of the outbreak.The breeding unit in Norfolk was the second unit to be confirmed with CSF. It is known to have supplied pigs to the unit in Suffolk where the disease was first confirmed on Tuesday and the unit in Essex where CSF was confirmed on Wednesday. Approximately 6,000 pigs on these three units are being slaughtered. The Norfolk breeding unit had supplied a further five nursery units in East Anglia since the 1st June. Two of these have this afternoon been confirmed to have CSF. The pigs on these units, one in Suffolk with approximately 2,600 pigs and one in Norfolk with approximately 900 pigs were already due to be slaughtered today as "Dangerous Contacts". Protection zones of 3km and wider surveillance areas have now been placed around these units. Of the final three nursery units, on one in Norfolk approximately 1,000 pigs will be slaughtered tomorrow although CSF has not been confirmed. The other two no longer hold any pigs from the breeding unit in Norfolk. The nursery units have supplied eight fattening units. All of these are under restriction and are being investigated. There are no plans to slaughter pigs on these units on the evidence currently available. Investigations into the cause of the outbreak are continuing. To find out more about Swine Fever