"M'm! M'm! Good!" is back and better than ever. Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB) today launches new TV advertising with its famous "M'm! M'm! Good!" advertising jingle. Just last year, "M'm! M'm! Good!" was named one of the top 10 advertising slogans of the past 100 years by Advertising Age magazine.

"'M'm! M'm! Good!' is part of the American culture and synonymous with Campbell's and quality food," said Andrew Hughson, President - U.S. Soup & Sauces. "It expresses exactly how people feel about our soups. Every time someone hums `M'm! M'm! Good!', they're connecting with our brand."

The new advertising campaign is a major element of Campbell's strategy to focus on its market-leading U.S. soup business with consumer motivating innovation of its "icon" soups, including Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Cream of Mushroom. Campbell's new line of ready to serve Red & White soups are also featured. In all, the new campaign highlights the goodness of Campbell soups in six new 30-second television spots developed by BBDO New York.

"We did extensive consumer testing during the development of the new `M'm! M'm! Good!' campaign. Again and again consumers told us that `M'm! M'm! Good!' is what they associate with Campbell's," said Hughson. "This advertising is proud, it's contemporary, and it's filled with news that reminds consumers just how wholesome and nutritious our soups really are." Consumers will see that Campbell's soup:
  • lets them eat smarter by filling them up on fewer calories,

  • lets them eat healthier by gaining the benefits of tomato products,

  • lets them eat heartier by having 20% more chicken in Chicken Noodle Soup, and

  • lets them eat easier by using new pop top cans on ready to serve varieties.
The campaign breaks with "Sister's Room," where a group of teens learn that over 30 Campbell's soups have fewer than 100 calories and 3 grams of fat or less per serving -- "so you can feel deliciously full on fewer calories." Future spots include "Birthday Gift," in which a family gathers to present Dad all eight varieties of Campbell's Tomato soup, because they know studies have shown that diets rich in tomato products are associated with a reduced risk of certain cancers; and a spot for Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, where a daughter welcomes home her father with a delicious bowl of soup.

Media support for Campbell's new "M'm! M'm! Good!" campaign continues through next April. Hughson noted that Campbell is beginning its advertising earlier this year and significantly increasing its media weight compared to last year. In addition to network TV, advertising will appear in consumer print and on local market radio.

New Red & White soup advertising is only a part of the Campbell advertising story, which also includes new efforts across the company's entire brand portfolio. Earlier this week, Campbell's Chunky kicked off a new series of ads on Monday Night Football featuring the St. Louis Rams' Kurt Warner and the Denver Broncos' Terrell Davis. In July, Pepperidge Farm launched a new television campaign with the tagline "Never Have an Ordinary Day," in support of its crackers, cookies, frozen products and breads.

About Campbell Soup Company -- Campbell Soup Company is the world's largest maker and marketer of soup. The Company's soups are sold under the "Campbell's" brand globally, as well as, "Erasco" in Germany, "Liebig" in France, and "Habitant" in Canada. Among its other strong food brands are "Pepperidge Farm" cookies and crackers, "Swanson" broths, "V8" and "V8 Splash" juices, "Pace" Mexican sauces, "Prego" pasta sauces, "Homepride" sauces in the United Kingdom, "Arnott's" biscuits in Australia, and "Godiva" chocolates around the world. For more information on the Company, visit Campbell's website on the Internet at www.campbellsoup.com.