M&M/Mars, Inc. and Creative Good, Inc. announced a strategic partnership at the online grocery conference, Efood 2000 East, today. Delivering the conference(1)s keynote speech, Creative Good CEO Phil Terry addressed how this new partnership will allow the two companies to work together to help online etailers maximize confectionery sales and profits. Consistent with its long-time leadership in the industry, M&M/Mars formed the partnership with Creative Good in order to provide its customers with industry leading virtual merchandising best practices and assistance on improving confectionery purchases and impulse shopping. "Creative Good is recognized as a leader in online merchandising and the overall consumer experience," said Pete Krainik, Chief eBusiness Officer at M&M/Mars. "Their consulting work across leading ecommerce categories combined with our deep knowledge and experience in the snackfood industry mean that together we can help the online confectionery industry improve and capture more revenue." The partnership will begin with two components: