A Montreal-area woman has launched a demand for a class action against Kellogg Canada, claiming it misleads consumers with "low sugar" advertising on its boxes of Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops cereals, reports the Montreal Gazette.

Janie Bedard of Deux Montagne says the cereal maker's low-sugar marketing strategy leads consumers to believe the boxes contain "one-third less sugar" than the original cereals of the same brand.

But since the company replaced the sugar with starch, the buyer is actually getting a product that contains 7% more "sugars" in the case of Frosted Flakes and 4% more in Froot Loops, Bedard says in her suit, which was filed Thursday.

An equal portion of the low-sugar version cereal has more "sugar" and calories than the original, said Bedard, a mother of four children age 2 to 9.

A similar class-action demand was filed in California in March.

Should the Federal Court approve the cross-Canada class action, Bedard will be asking Kellogg Canada for a refund for the 16 boxes of cereal she bought.

Also, Bedard will demand the manufacturer turn over profits from sales of the low-sugar cereals in Canada to children's health organizations.