Unilever is to further streamline parts of its business in France after deciding to focus its Cogesal-Miko ice cream business on growing brands including Carte d'Or.

The company, which has already cut 200 French jobs this year, said the rationalization at Cogesal-Miko's St. Dizier site would affect a further 254 employees.

The site will stop producing "uncompetitive" products, including Cornetto, manual cups and bakery products and switch to brands including Carte d'Or and Frusi, which are enjoying rising sales in France.

"By specialising in the fastest-growing market segments, Cogesal-Miko would regain its competitiveness and its rightful place as a leader in the ice cream segment," Unilever France said.

Unilever said growing competition from private-label products had hit Cogesal-Miko's recent sales in Western Europe.

Factory director Prakash Patel said: "Although we have seen improvements, given the changing consumers preferences, it is now mandatory for us to take further steps to regain our competitiveness."

Unilever said it plans to inject an extra EUR4m (US$5.9m) into the business as it switches focus.

Unilever, which is restructuring its businesses worldwide, announced in May that 200 jobs in France would be lost.

Earlier this month, the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate also announced the sale of the Boursin cheese brand to French cheese marker Le Groupe Bel.