UK supermarket chain Morrisons is set to use a loophole to sidestep temporary workers' rights to new benefits.

Under the Agency Worker Directive, a new EU rule, agency workers will be eligible for the same wages and benefits as permanent staff after three months in a job.

But the British supermarket chain will use the "Swedish Derogation" model to avoid paying extra cash to temps in the manufacturing and logistics side of the business.

Under the model, the recruitment agencies employ the temps directly, so they are no longer classed as agency workers and become exempt from the legislation.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "The recruitment agencies we work with have been considering how they will comply with this legislation for some time. They have proactively considered using this model or are already employing their workers.

Through our network of agency suppliers, Morrisons will be offered temporary workers who may be employed by the recruitment agencies with contracts of employment referred to as Swedish Derogation."

The spokeperson added that the Swedish Derogation model has been recognised by the government, British Retail Consortium and Confederation of British Industry as a legitimate option for temporary employees. "It will offer [staff] flexibility in their work as well as the stability of ongoing employment."