Morrisons has once again added to the supermarket price war with the creation of a family meal for GBP4 (US$7.89).

The move comes just days after the UK's fourth-largest retailer announced it would double the number of price cuts in its stores from 2,000 to 4,000.

The supermarket said the new deal is designed to "help shoppers" at a time when they "need it most".

The GBP4 basket of eight products includes eight pork sausages, four quarter pounder beef burgers, two peppered grill steaks, four chicken drumsticks and thighs, four salad tomatoes, a 500g pack of Baby Pearl potatoes, an Iceburg lettuce and 12 white bread rolls.

 "We know what our customers need and we are delivering it," said Martyn Jones, Morrisons group trading director. "These are great deals on some of our most popular summer products which will give customers a real boost.

"Our 2,000 price cuts in June delivered real savings to our customers and we've doubled that to 4,000. Our summer deal will be another huge saving at a time when our customers need it most."

In March, rival UK retailer Sainsbury's started a "Feed Your Family for a Fiver" campaign backed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, while Asda has already started selling a GBP0.02 sausage - GBP0.16 for a packet of eight.