Move over Got Milk? …There's a new promotion underway that's sure to capture the nation's attention …Egg Energy.

The Egg Energy slogan was developed as a promotional campaign to increase the sale of eggs and egg products by show casing eggs as an ideal energy food for active people. Egg Energy is an easily recognized and remembered slogan reinforcing the idea every time it is seen that foods like eggs can supply the energy to achieve fitness goals. A Egg Energy merchandising program has been created by Nexan Marketing to provide dairy organizations, farmers, retailers, foodservice and educational institutions with vehicles for promoting egg products in a unique way to their sales force and as consumer loyalty programs.

Some of the Egg Energy licensing programs available includes:

Running on Egg Energy - Sponsor various running events 5K, etc. examples of available imprinted merchandise with the slogan running on egg energy and name of event: Tee shirts, ball caps, sweat bands, water bottles The (TEAM) and Egg Energy a Winning Combination - Sponsor a team and provide tee-shirts uniforms etc. available with team name and slogan Body by Egg Energy & Muscles by Egg Energy- Sponsor fitness and weight lifting, wrestling events available merchandise with event and slogan. Walking on Egg Energy- Provide Walkers such as seniors with promotional merchandise with the Egg Energy slogan.

Nexan Marketing is promoting the Egg Energy campaign. The multi-faceted campaign is being initiated to educate consumers about the energy value of eggs and correct misconceptions about eggs.

More information is available by visiting the Egg Energy web site at