Organic muesli maker Muddy Cook has launched a toasted puffed muesli for children.

Raspberry Crockles are made from whole grains, rice, spelt and quinoa, with apple puree, apple juice and freeze-dried raspberries.

Claire Lettice, Muddy Cook's founder said: "Parents are desperately trying to find products that tick all their own nutritional boxes - whole grains, no salt, high fibre, high protein, no E numbers and made with complex fruit sugars as well as appealing to their children's taste-buds."

Raspberry Crockles are available in two sizes - 180g and 300g bags with an RRP of GBP2.45 (US$4.51) and GBP3.60. They are being launched at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair from 7-9 September, in Olympia, London.