The following is a statement from the Guest Choice Network:Hungry for a "Twinkie tax?" You may have to swallow one soon if the nation's nannies get their way.In preparation for their role at the National Nutrition Summit, the anti- everything Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) placed a large ad today in The Washington Post calling for "a tax on soft drinks or other junk foods." Their goal, as stated by fat-tax guru and CSPI Science Advisory Board Member Kelly Brownell, is to get people to reach for the low-fat yogurt instead of the chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream.This is the latest -- and most intrusive campaign -- yet from CSPI, a group with a decades-long record of attacking food that dares to tempt the palate. In fact, their anti-flavor crusade is so rich in hyperbole and fanaticism that we've collected the best of CSPI's worst in one web site