Nestle challenges Maggi ban

Nestle challenges Maggi ban

Nestle is challenging a ban placed on the sale of Maggi noodles by Indian food safety regulators in the country's high court.

A spokesperson for Nestle told just-food the company is "seeking a judicial review" of the decision from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to ban the products. Nestle said the move was "part of the effort to resolve the Maggi noodles issue".

"Nestle India Limited has... approached the Hon'ble Bombay High Court raising issues of interpretation of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2011," the spokesperson said.

"At the same time we are continuing the withdrawal of Maggi noodles products. This action will not interfere with this process," the spokesperson added.

The FSSAI last week banned the noodles after claiming tests found the products contained lead above permissible levels

Nestle had already recalled the noodles, acknowledging consumer confidence in the brand had been dented after tests in some states had cast doubt on the products. However, it insists the noodles are "safe" and said its own extensive testing – and testing by an independent laboratory – found the products contained levels of lead within allowed limits.

According to the FSSAI, tests conducted by three Indian states have detected amounts of lead that exceed permissible levels under the country's food safety regulations. Authorities in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Tamil Nadu all confirmed elevated lead levels in Maggi noodles, the FSSAI said. The regulator described Maggi noodles as "unsafe and hazardous".