Nestle was "disappointed" after a judge in Singapore ruled Petra Foods had not infringed on its Kit Kat trademark

Nestle was "disappointed" after a judge in Singapore ruled Petra Foods had not infringed on its Kit Kat trademark

This week, Nestle lost a trademark infringement case in Singapore over its Kit Kat product. Arla Foods pulled out of the race to acquire Arab Dairy and Unilever decided to separate its ailing spreads business into a stand-alone unit. India hit the headlines frequently, with Britannia Industries "pioneering" the online exclusive launch of its new biscuit product before it hits traditional stores, and with Fererro re-thinking its plans for its business in the country. Here is the week in quotes.

"Overall our intention is to improve the competitiveness of our spreads unit with sharper accountabilities and more focused decision making" - a spokesperson for Unilever comments in the wake of the announcement it is separating its spreads business into a standalone operating unit.

"This tie-up with Amazon will give us an understanding of the potential this market holds for a food company like ours. While online retail in the FMCG category is in its nascent stages, the channel will evolve significantly in the years to come. It will be learning not just for us, but the FMCG industry at large and for the F&B industry in particular" - a Britannia Industries spokesperson says the group's decision to trial an e-launch of its Good Day Chunkies cookies before they hit retail store shelves, is an important learn for the whole industry.

"Egypt is, however, still an interesting market for us and we are working on alternative options to enter the market soon" - Finn Hansen, EVP for Arla Foods' international business, comments on the group's decision to quit the race for the takeover of Arab Dairy.

"Imitation is no less a valid business strategy than innovation. There is nothing unconscionable about competition. Even if the defendants did copy, it is not wrong unless such copying impinges the plaintiffs legal rights" - Justice Chan Seng Onn of Singapore's High Court rules against Nestle in its Kit Kat trademark spat with Singapore-based confectioner Petra Foods.

"We are experiencing 25% to 30% growth [in sales] every year and are very well placed to take on bigger market share" - Akshay Bector, chairman and MD at Cremica Food Industries, announces the Indian company's plan to double its production capacity in two years.

"Three to four products have been pending for more than a year. They are not regulating, they are strangulating us" - Ferrero India secretary-general Inder Chopra criticises delays in approvals from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which he says have inhibited product development and stopped new products going into production.

"We [have been] working in the Russian market for more than 20 years, have come here to stay, and intend to continue to work for the benefit of our consumers, customers and suppliers" - Danone is deeply offended by Russian agriculture minister Nikolai Fedorov comments targeting it and PepsiCo, that  internationally-owned dairy producers are exploiting Russian dairy farmers and should not be allowed to "skim the cream off the cheap raw product that our poor peasants produce".

"This is a problem we cannot afford to ignore any longer" - UK thinktank Chatham House says food makers play a key role in helping to reduce emissions from meat and dairy production.

Clean label represents "a set of conditions that have been arbitrarily implemented by the consumer without real knowledge of the impact or feasibility" - Steve Osborn of Leatherhead Food Research says in our latest management briefing. He says a "clean label philosophy" needs to be developed rather than a set of rules that may or may not be realistic.

"In the current challenging environment, the support of all of our suppliers is crucial. We are delighted with the positive response we have had from many who are actively engaging in building a new partnership with us, including many small companies"Premier Foods plc has stood by its decision to request payments from its suppliers. The payments this week came under scrutiny in the media, after an unnamed supplier told the BBC the UK group had said companies which did not take part in the scheme would be "nominated for de-list".