Nestle - joined forces with Carrefour on blockchain initiative

Nestle - joined forces with Carrefour on blockchain initiative

Swiss food giant Nestlé has joined forces with French retail heavyweight Carrefour to apply blockchain technology to infant-nutrition products.

Carrefour claims this is the first time such technology - which creates a kind of digital ledger that, in food industry terms, can provide transparency on product checks and origins - has been used in relation to infant nutrition.

The technology will be used on Nestlé's Guigoz Bio 2 and 3 infant-milk range.

In a statement Carrefour said it has worked closely with Nestlé - both are members of the IBM Food Trust consortium - and is "lending its expertise as a pioneer of consumer-centred blockchain technology".

The initiative is based on IBM Food Trust's technical solution, which in turn is based on Blockchain Hyperledger technology.

Carrefour said: "This three-way partnership builds on Carrefour's Act For Food programme. Blockchain technology enhances transparency and advances the food transition for extremely high-quality products, which parents expect for infant nutrition. 

"For Nestlé and Laboratoires Guigoz, this innovative blockchain technology creates a new benchmark for transparency and the high standards of care required to ensure the quality of their products."

It suggested that the initiative in relation to the Guigoz products provides transparency across the entire supply chain, from dairy to shelf.