•  Nestle to relaunch Vice Versas
Vice Versas will launch in August

Vice Versas will launch in August

Nestle has relaunched its Vice Versas chocolate brand in the UK.

Last on shelves in 2005, the launch, Nestle said, is in response to public demand.

The Vice Versas sharing bag of bite-size white and milk chocolate pieces will be available from 6 August with an RRP of GBP1.59 (US$2.49) for 126g.

Nestle said it is hoping to capitalise on the growth in the UK chocolate bags category with the relaunch, which has increased 6% in value in the past year.

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Nestlé CONFECTIONERY'S VICE VERSAS Nestlé Confectionery is aiming to capitalise on the growth in popularity of chocolate sharing bags with the return of its VICE VERSAS brand. Last seen on the shelves in 2005, the launch responds to public demand after more than 10,000 fans called for the product to be brought back.

The VICE VERSAS sharing bag will be available from 6th August and has an RRP £1.59 for 126g. Each bag contains assorted bite-size pieces of milk and white chocolate covered in a contrasting crispy sugar shell. The resealable bag makes them ideal for sharing with family and friends, and perfect for the ‘Big Night In' occasion.

The chocolate bags category has seen 6% value growth in the past year (an increase in over £18m), with Nestlé Confectionery performing ahead of the market +28%1. Innovation in the category is one of the primary drivers of this growth, with Mums looking for something new and different to excite the family. Familiar brands and product flavours are also known success factors as Mums are typically risk averse and don't want to disappoint the family!

Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager Graham Walker says: "The launch of the VICE VERSAS sharing bag sees the return of a much-loved product for UK consumers. In fact there are currently over 29 different pages on Facebook dedicated to bringing VICE VERSAS back with over 10,000 members! For retailers, this innovation in a growing category importantly offers the opportunity of incremental sales, with Mums adding them to their basket to ensure a successful treat for their family and friends."


Original source: Nestle Confectionery