India - focus of Nestles attention

India - focus of Nestle's attention

Nestlé is to enter India's breakfast cereals market this year.

The world's largest food maker plans to launch products in the sector through Cereal Partners Worldwide, its international breakfast-cereals venture with General Mills.

In a stock-exchange filing, Nestlé's Indian arm, which is listed in Mumbai, did not disclose which particular products it would launch nor when.

In a statement, Suresh Narayanan, the chairman and managing director of Nestlé's Indian unit, said: "The consumer need for breakfast choices is only growing and companies need to bring more options to satisfy this need."

According to research from Euromonitor, Kellogg is the largest player in India's breakfast cereals sector, holding a market share of 56% in 2017.

In a report published in December, Euromonitor wrote: "Consumers in India like their breakfast to have savoury and sweet flavours; similarly, in regard to breakfast cereals, people prefer oat flavours and traditional flavours such as masala. The popularity of oats has risen among Indian consumers and has now evolved to the level of traditional flavours such as masala and vegetable. Sweet-flavoured breakfast cereals, eg chocolate, strawberry and honey, are enjoyed by all age groups; however, savoury flavours are popular among teenagers and older consumers."