Just launched in time for Easter, planetchocolate.com will be the first national network of chocolate retailers in the United States with plans for global expansion by the end of the year. Inquires have already come from chocolatiers as far as Paris, London and Dublin.

Planetchocolate.com will act as a one-stop shop for virtually any chocolate and confectionery product. With over 400 products listed already, planetchocolate.com offers one of the biggest selections of chocolate and confectionery products, available through a single web site.

Entrepreneurs Arjun & Vikram Reddy came up with the idea as an alternative to sending flowers. Planetchocolate.com aims to sell over five million dollars worth of chocolate in the first year - and given that America spends over $23 billion on chocolate and confectionery annually, this is not just wishful web thinking.

Already over one hundred and fifty, including some of the best chocolatiers in the US have joined the planetchocolate.com network, spanning East to West Coasts. "A number of retailers have their own web sites but people quite often don't know they exist. By joining up with us, they are bound to increase their online business," says Arjun.

Stores can sell over fifty different items through their store at
planetchocolate.com ­ from straightforward candy bars to specially packaged gift-wrapped boxes of your favorite confection.

Rather than search numerous web sites for your favorite chocolatier,
planetchocolate.com will provide a one-stop shop for customers looking to buy chocolate and confectionery online. Customers can search the web site by the geographical location of the store as well as by type of product or brand name. This saves an enormous amount of time and effort for customers who want to shop quickly and conveniently.

Furthermore customers can order gifts from a store located closest to the delivery address to save on shipping costs and time. This is especially crucial during the summer months when shipping chocolates is a risky and expensive business.

Planetchocolate.com is already seeking venture capital funding to expand the business into Europe by the end of the year.

For further information please call Arjun Reddy at 914 939 5154 or
arjun@planetchocolate.com or visit us online at www.planetchocolate.com