Flavouring company Quest's has announced a new range of flavours which it says hold the key to reductions of up to 50% in salt, sugar and fat reduction without losing taste.

The new range is marketed as ImpaQ Taste Technology. "This is a crucial milestone for Quest and our customers," said Quest's Flavours Group vice president, Cees de Jong., "With ImpaQ Taste Technology we can achieve taste results never before encountered and the  response from customer trials is exceedingly positive. There is great potential for ImpaQ flavours to help healthy foods taste better and to improve diet through food reformulation.""

ImpaQ is the result of a long-term R&D programme by Quest to identify how their flavours can solve taste issues. By leveraging its creation and application expertise, Quest has developed flavours specifically designed to perform in 'low environments', such as low salt, low sugar and low fat, it said.

"Our new ImpaQ Taste Technology allows us to develop complete, great tasting flavours, for all end uses, which are also designed to perform extremely well in low salt, low sugar and low fat environments," said Quest's executive flavourist, Harry Renes. "It is not just about replacing salt, sugar or fat but about understanding how to create deliciousness in foods."

"A decade of research lies behind this breakthrough," he said. "Our most significant step forward came with our fundamental research into meat bouillons and mature cheeses, aimed at identifying the key flavour components that make these important foodstuffs taste delicious.  Since 1999, we have had over 25 molecules approved for FEMA GRAS status and have submitted over 35 flavour-related patents connected with this work.  More importantly, this research gave us new insights into how we can use flavours to influence our perceptions of taste: that is the basis of the ImpaQ Taste TechnologyTM approach."

"The results so far have been fantastic - excellent taste quality in an immensely wide range of applications, including the low environments where we have won superb feedback from customers and consumers alike," he said. "We are delighted about the potential - the flexibility in application and the universality of great taste results."

"In low salt environments, we have had excellent results from consumer tests which have shown no difference in preference between a reduced product using ImpaQ technology and its normal level equivalent," he said.