Recent food and drink highlights from Mintel's Global New Products Database include spoon shaped biscuits, an energy drink with a vitamin supplement tablet and tongue painting crisps. Floral, mint, functional & spoon biscuits Novel ingredients/flavours also play an important part in biscuits this month. In Belgium, Desobry has introduced under the Biscuits Garden brand, floral flavored biscuits in varieties such as rose, lavender and violet. In Germany, probiotic ingredients have been added to Wikana's new sandwich biscuits. They are filled with a yogurt cream that contains lactobacillus and acidophilus bacteria. In China of all places, the established Oreo sandwich biscuit brand from the US, now comes in a coolmint variety. Also in the biscuits category are novel spoon shaped cookies said to be ideal for stirring hot beverages or using with ice cream. They have been launched in New Zealand and are called Spoon Biscookies.