Food development company Viands Concerted has introduced a new food manufacturing process which it says makes fully cooked vegetables appear as though they were freshly cut by changing their cellular structure.

The patent-pending process called Lintonizing is an all-natural and preservative free method aimed at providing higher quality vegetable and potato products for the food industry, including food service, food processing and retail markets, the company said.

"There is a dramatic difference between traditionally processed vegetables and those manufactured using the Lintonizing process," said Brad Dunnington, president of Viands Concerted. "This revolutionary food process helps vegetables maintain their full flavour, colour and texture, and allows food processors to produce much higher quality blanched, roasted, and grilled vegetables than previously available to the market. We are confident that as restaurants and food service companies see the difference in quality of Lintonized vegetables, they will want their customers to see and taste the difference as well."

"Lintonizingalso is an ideal process for the retail and food service markets and could potentially change the way all vegetables are processed and delivered to market. Viands Concerted and our patent-pending Lintonizing process have great market potential, and we are actively pursuing a number of licensing opportunities with food processors and restaurant chains that will expand the availability of our process and deliver higher quality cooked vegetables to consumers."