Snow Brand has done it again. The dairy company already responsible for Japan's largest food-poisoning outbreak this summer and which had to orchestrate a huge recall of bacteria-tainted Delicious Milk just last weekend, has given rasping consumer confidence in its products what might be the death blow. Yesterday (28 September), nearly 1260 students and teachers at 15 schools in Takamatsu City, Western Japan, complained that their milk, which is usually served in 200ml bottles during lunchtime, was "odd-tasting," An official at the city's public health centre revealed that the milk, produced a day earlier by Snow Brand, tasted like yoghurt and butter. While no illnesses have yet been reported, the public health centre is testing samples for the presence of bacteria. It has stressed however, that yesterday afternoon no problems were discovered during an inspection of the company's Takamatsu plant, where the milk was processed.This latest dairy scandal comes less than a week after Snow Brand attempted to polish its tarnished image by hooking up with Nestlé. If things carry on like this however, even aligning itself with the Swiss foods behemoth may not be enough to save it.