Iglo products in Germany to use Nutri-Score labels

Iglo products in Germany to use Nutri-Score labels

Nomad Foods, the frozen-foods manufacturer, has become the latest supplier to use Nutri-Score nutrition labels on its products in Germany.

The UK-based business' local subsidiary, Iglo Deutschland, said it is using the labels on all of its products on sale in the country.

The Nutri-Score nutrition labelling system was introduced by France on a voluntary basis in 2017. Nutri-Score is a labelling system ranging from A to F, with corresponding colour-coding designating products that are deemed healthy and those that are considered less healthy. It indicates the content of sugars, saturated fatty acids, salt and calories in food products, and enables consumers to make informed decisions about the food they eat.

Last summer, Danone said it would introduce the labels on a selected range of its fresh dairy products on sale in Germany this year.

"Promoting a healthy diet is a vital theme at Iglo," Antje Schubert, the CEO of Iglo Deutschland, said.

In August, Belgium's government announced plans to bring in the labels on a voluntary basis.