German dairy group Nordmilch is hoping to team up with other dairy companies to boost its presence on the international stage.

Nordmilch confirmed to just-food yesterday (6 September) that it wants to exit the fresh milk and dessert segments to focus on more lucrative parts of the business.

Moreover, as part of its efforts to reposition its business, the company is looking for joint ventures with its peers in the dairy sector.

"Nordmilch is a small company by international comparison," CEO Josef Schwaiger told the German press. "To improve our position in the future, we could envisage closer collaboration with other companies. For example, in the form of alliances with other dairy companies, particularly in the cheese business".

Nordmilch wants to focus on cheese, while also expanding its supply of milk ingredients to industrial customers. Dairy groups like Friesland Foods have recently enjoyed a boost in earnings from its industrial businesses thanks to the rising price of dairy commodities.

Nordmilch plans to exit fresh milk and desserts by next July.