German sugar giant Nordzucker has increased its hold on the Polish sugar sector by acquiring a 51% stake in the Szamotuly Sugar Plant and a further 20.5% of Opalenica Sugar Plant from the Poznansko-Pomorska Sugar Company. Nordzucker now owns 71.5% of the Opalenica Sugar Plant.Some foreign companies have become frustrated with the slow pace of privatisation in the sector - for instance, Danish group Danisco recently signalled its intention to withdraw from the Polish sector and concentrate on other markets.Nordzucker however has remained determined to capture at least 15% of the Polish sugar market, and the latest acquisitions bring it closer to its goal. While the budget earmarked for expansion in Poland is not known, Nordzucker is expected to acquire at least three more sugar companies in Gdansk, Szczecin and Torun.