Nortura to double keyhole products

Nortura to double keyhole products

Nordic food group Nortura plans to double the number of its products that adhere to the keyhole labelling scheme in the region in a bid to "take a clearer position" in the health and wellness sector.

Keyhole labelling is a nutritional labelling system adopted by the authorities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with the aim of "making it easier" for consumers to select "healthy" foods.

Nortura said it has worked on reformulation to "significantly" reduce the amount of salt in its brands. Keyhole labelled produces will include less fat, salt and sugar than comparable products, the company continued.

CEO Arne Kristian Kolberg said the Norwegian food group believes health and fitness trends represent a good growth opportunity for the firm. "Our ambition is to double the number of keyhole products during 2016," he said.

Nortura already 186 products labelled with the keyhole.