The Norwegian firm Statkorn Fish Feed Chile is reportedly negotiating the purchase of 100% of Salmones Mainstream, linked to businessman Ramon Eblen.Representing the Norwegian firm in the negotiations is its affiliate, Ewos, which produces salmon feed. In late August Ewos worked out an agreement to purchase 77.2% of Mainstream for US$115.8m, or US$0.4622 per share. The companies that would be selling their shares in Mainstream to the Norwegian firm are: Inversiones Santa Blanca, Alimentos Frescos y Naturales, Inversiones Los Guindos, Inversiones Alcale and Comercial Los Lagos.The deal is to be concluded no later than Nov. 23 and will permit the Norwegian firm to begin a vertical integration of its business. Ewos produces the salmon feed which will be used at the Mainstream operation.The second stage of the acquisition plan will begin once Statkorn takes actual control of the business. This will include purchase of the shares now belonging to Inversiones Cahunahue (11.81% of Mainstream's total shares) and to Inversiones Petrohue (2.31%). An agreement for the purchase of these shares has already been worked out by the Norwegian company.Once this second stage is completed, Statkorn will control 91.3% of the salmon firm. In order to achieve 100% control of the company, Statkorn will then make a Public Share Offer (OPA) for all outstanding shares, thus removing from the stock market the one Chilean salmon firm which is currently traded on the Santiago Stock Exchange.Statkorn has set a total price for Salmones Mainstream of US$150m, which is 3.4 times the value of the company's shares as of 30 June.Salmones Mainstream expects to increase the volume of its sales by 20% to 30% this year and to increase the total value of its sales by 10%. It sold US$60m in 1999, a figure which should grow to US$66m this year. It is also investing US$16m this year to improve operations.