Royal Numico N.V. will adapt the senior management structure of its US operations, following the acquisitions of GNC, Inc., Enrich International and Rexall Sundown in respectively August 1999, March 2000 and June 2000.It is intended to appoint Mr Damon DeSantis and Mr Greg Horn as members of the Executive Board of Royal Numico and Mr Bill Watts as member of the Supervisory Board of Royal Numico during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 26, 2001.In the new structure Damon DeSantis will be responsible for Rexall Sundown and International Multi-Level Marketing activities combining both Enrich International and Rexall Showcase International.Mr Richard Bizarro, CEO of the Multi-Level Division, will report to Mr DeSantis as well as Mr Tim Richerson who has been appointed President of Rexall Sundown.Greg Horn will as CEO be reponsible for GNC and for VMS (Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements) product development. Mr Mike Meyers has been appointed President of General Nutrition Centers.The responsibilities for manufacturing, logistics and finance will be integrated into a new company, Nutricia USA Inc.Mr Rich Goudis has been appointed Senior Vice President Manufacturing & Logistics and Mr Geary Cotton has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of Nutricia USA. They both will report to Damon DeSantis and Greg Horn.