Today, Royal Numico N.V. announced the signing of a letter of intent with Baxter Healthcare Corporation to negotiate a series of global agreements for distribution of nutritional products for clinical and therapeutic use.In clinical nutrition, there are two types of therapeutic options: parenteral, sometimes referred to as total parenteral nutrition (TPN), is nutrition that is received through intravenous therapy (IV therapy); and, enteral which describes a range of liquid nutritional formulations, given as drinks or via tubes. A key clinical goal is to provide patients who require specialised feeding with optimal nutrition through either parenteral or enteral administration. In locations where agreements for distribution will be reached, the combination of Numico's enteral nutrition products, together with Baxter's parenteral nutrition products will offer clinicians a comprehensive range of therapeutic nutritional options for use in either hospitals, long-term care or home care-based settings. Numico, one of the world's leading providers of specialised nutrition, has a comprehensive range of enteral products for clinical nutrition addressing specific disease states and nutritional therapies for patients who require specialised feeding. Baxter, through its I.V. Systems/Medical Products business, is a leading worldwide provider of products for parenteral nutrition therapy. In addition, the company provides health care clinicians around the world with clinical support and technical expertise in providing high-quality, cost-effective parenteral nutrition therapy.Royal Numico N.V.(