Ocean Spray's Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) has announced the launch of its website. Designed for ease of access and navigation, the interactive site promises to provide a rapid, valuable source of information. Visitors can click straight from the home page at www.oceansprayitg.com to the group's latest corporate, product and applications news.

The site has something for every visitor; The 'Order desk' not only offers an opportunity to browse Ocean Spray's extensive product portfolio but also an on-line facility for customers to purchase ingredients from full size orders to product samples. Food manufacturers looking for inspirational ingredient and product development ideas will find plenty of delicious cranberry-based recipe suggestions in the 'recipe' section. The 'Cran-ology' page is a mine of cranberry trivia - ranging from the pockets of air that make cranberries bounce to the origin of the humble fruit.

Commenting on the launch, Ron McMillan, general manager for Europe with Ocean Spray ITG said; "We firmly believe that the internet is a powerful communication tool and vital information resource. Our new website reflects this, by providing users with immediate access to our unique knowledge base as well as a central contact point for the Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group."

To see how the cranberry can be used in your product or for product samples or assistance with recipe formulations, please visit www.oceansprayitg.com and www.oceanspray.com or contact: Ocean Spray ITG, PO Box 44, Altrincham Cheshire, WA14 3HF  T: +44 161 925 4709  F: +44 161 925 4701.

Note to the editor:

www.oceansprayitg.com is the newly-launched website of the company's Ingredient Technology Group. As the name suggests, the group's primary goal is to develop innovative fruit ingredients, achieved through the application of technology.

www.oceanspray.com is the website of Ocean Spray, a cooperative consisting of over 900 cranberry and fruit growers across Canada and the USA. Ocean Spray produces the fruit used in branded food and drink products.