A new metaphysical snack food called Past Life Puffs may help you determine your past lives, center you in the present, and bring you inner peace for the future according to the creator, Robert Ehrlich.Born from the explosive growth of enlightenment, the age of self, and the willingness to take the journey within, Ehrlich, CEO and Founder of both Robert's American Gourmet and Robscape.com, says Past Life Puffs are different because it will guide the user deep into themselves through the ingredients."Our past life expert Jeffrey Wands at Highermindsradio.com will determine your past lives through the information on the bag and through our web site," says Ehrlich."This is serious snack for people in a quest for knowledge."The snack food ingredients are Puffed Corn, Earthy Organic Pinto, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, and Soy. What makes these different is that the Past Life Puffs are made amidst the sounds of meditation bowls and chanting to give each bag the spirituality to help access your journey."The bag and our Web site work together to determine your past lives and bring spirituality to everyday living. Just fill out our form, wait a few days and you will be astonished," Ehrlich says.Past Life Puffs are available nationally (September 10th), and can be ordered at