Fish oils maker Omega Protein has announced that it has entered into a manufacturing and supply agreement with National Starch and Chemical Company.

Omega Protein will be the exclusive provider for 100% of National Starch's requirements for long-chain Omega-3 fish oil. National Starch will encapsulate Omega Protein's long-chain Omega-3 fish oil product, OmegaPure, into a free-flowing dry powder called Novomega, which will then be marketed to National Starch's worldwide customer base.

National Starch produces starch-based ingredients for the global food industry. The company makes viscosifiers, texturisers, mouthfeel enhancers, emulsion stabilisers, resistant starches and functional native starches that improve the quality, processing, stability and nutritional value of foods and beverages.

The agreement is for an initial term of two years but it may be extended.