The head of US organic firm Organic Alliance believes its strategy of sourcing across a number of food categories will help it withstand the economic downturn.

Tom Morrison, chairman and CEO of Organic Alliance, indicated his optimism about the future of his company and the organic sector after the company announced it had signed deals to market organic produce and beef in the US.

Further details on those deals are expected later this week.

"Organic Alliance is one of the few firms that sells organic produce, organic ingredients, organic beef and plan to offer organic poultry when we find an organic producer that meets our requirements," Morrison told just-food.

"We are an organic firm across all major product lines. This strategy has helped us weather this downturn and should position the company well as we begin to get on the other side of the pre election gloom and doom."

Despite a slowdown in consumers spending, Morrison remains positive about the future of organic buying. "One of the positive attributes of the organic consumer, is once you have made the decision to buy organic, you have made that decision for a good reason, a very thoughtful choice," he said. 

"While there are a host of reasons, we find that this consumer will seek it out despite a premium price and despite a belt-tightening period. Sure, there will be some that may drop back to conventional products and we expect to see a slowing, but the organic consumer seems very committed."