Consumer, environmental, and social justice activists in 300 US cities and four other nations (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) will leaflet and stage protests in front of Starbucks coffee shops during a "Frankenbuck$" Global Week of Action Sept. 17-23. Organic consumers will criticize Starbucks' use of genetically engineered ingredients in their foods, beverages, and bottled Frappuccino drinks, their use of sweatshop labor coffee suppliers, as well as Starbucks' refusal to brew and seriously promote Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee as its "coffee of the day." Events are scheduled for Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Albuquerque, Houston, Sydney (Australia), Vancouver (Canada), Auckland (NZ), Newcastle (UK), and 300 other cities -- part of an ongoing international campaign against Starbucks which began on March 20. Starbucks, the largest gourmet coffee shop chain in the world, has previously indicated that it is considering giving in to at least some of the demands of the Organic Consumers Association, but still has not yet made a firm commitment.