As of next month, the USDA will require all food marketed as 'organic' to be certified in accordance with governmental guidelines.

Inspectors will check that the product's ingredients are at least 95% free of chemicals. The new guidelines will enhance the credibility of the organic food sector, which is currently open to abuse by producers who do not stick to generally agreed standards. Large players in the organic sector, such as Horizon Organic, have welcomed the implementation of the standards.

"The very presence of the stamp is going to increase awareness that there is in fact something different called organic" and boost sales, Horizon CEO Chuck Marcy told Dow Jones Newswires, adding that all of Horizon's products will be in line with USDA guidelines and be certified.

Horizon and other manufacturers are working hard to raise awareness about USDA certification, organising instore samplings and publishing promotional material for consumers about the benefits of organic food.